Why Girls?

Our lambs are female.  We understand the gender taste differences, natural hormonal influences which provide the perfect flavour profile whilst accentuating tenderness.

Testosterone in males increase muscle strength, making pubescent boys stronger, leaner, and often tougher than their female counterparts.  In addition, testosterone can be influencial on the smell and subsequent flavour of the meat.

The oestrogen factor in Our Girls keep muscles tender.  Oestrogen, a fat loving hormone, also promotes natural marbling through the muscles.  Hence, meat produced from female lambs is softer, juicier, with a balanced mellow flavour profile.

Farm fresh ethically grown

Our girls are a special breed – a Romney Texel cross with a Charollais persuasion.  This specific breed has many characteristics; the most important being marbling throughout the meat (from intramuscular fat) and a high meat to bone yield.  This marbling provides greater flavour and tenderness.