Know Your Butcher


Preston’s Master Butchers is a family owned and operated traditional Wellington based butcher founded in 1904.  Rod Preston, Managing Director and Butcher by trade, continues to ensure the traditions and techniques employed by his father and grandfather continue.

We work closely with our sister companies, Ken Wilson Meats and Taylor Preston Ltd in Ngauranga, to ensure best meat practises are engaged at all times (animal welfare, food safety and product quality).

Hamish Preston, Company Director and General Manager of the procurement team at Ken Wilson Meats, works closely with Dion to ensure consistent quality and supply of Grass Fed Girls throughout the year.  He also oversees quality practices through the processing of the product through the supply chain.

Preston’s Master Butchers have a team of talented Master Butchers over three locations that use traditional butcher techniques to craft your meat to the desired cuts.

Our Butchers collectively prepare over 1,900 tonne of meat per year.  They are skilled in handling meat and utilise the necessary techniques to ensure the integrity and eating quality of the meat is preserved.